Monday, March 28, 2011

Does he fancy me? Translating body language

Body language is the most important indicator of how a man feels about you. Here’s how to translate his body language...

Picture the scene. You and your friends are having a ladies’ night at a popular night spot. You notice an attractive man across the room and his eyes pass over your side of the room, eventually meeting your gaze. How do you know if he's flirting with you?

Statistics show that a mere 7% of true communication is verbal
38% depends on your voice and tone and 55% depends on your body language. Learn to identify the signals the body unconsciously gives off and read any situation you find yourself in.

What his face reveals - watch those eyebrows
Watch his eyebrows when you meet for the first time. If he finds you attractive, his eyebrows will raise up for a split second. If he raises his eyebrows (almost as if surprised) during your conversation, you are doing well!

Eye contact is a dead giveaway. If he holds your gaze for a while longer than normal, this is a signal that he finds you interesting.

When he likes what he sees, his pupils will dilate and he may blink more often

In the beginning, during conversation he will look from your one eye to your other eye and then shift down to the bridge of your nose. As he becomes keener, this will extend downwards to your lips and beyond. He may flare his nostrils slightly and part his lips to make his face appear wider, which is a typical male flirting signal.

Watch what he does with his body

His stance will tell you a lot. He will turn his body and feet towards you and will make gestures that make him appear larger and taller, such as stretching, flexing his muscles or pulling himself up straight and tall.  

He may also stand with his hands on his hips, hook his thumbs into his belt loops or place his hands on his belt buckle to appear bigger. This action also subtly draws your attention to his virility (genital region).

If his head is tilted to one side, his legs are spread apart slightly and his tummy is pulled in with his chest pushed out, he is trying to impress you!
Some guys may smooth their hair and adjust their collars, ties or sleeves when flirting.

Mirror, mirror... you start to mimic his body language 

You may notice during the conversation that he mirrors your actions. You begin to move 'in sync' with each other. Here you can use body language to your advantage by consciously mirroring his actions. 
Do not copy his every move immediately or he may think you are either mocking him or he’s chatting to an escaped inmate from the local asylum! Casually adopt his pose and copy his actions naturally to show him that you are on the same wavelength as he is.

Lost in translation: body language applies to you too

Hopefully you now know what signals to look out for when next interacting with someone. Bear in mind that these are only guidelines and may not apply to every man. Use your intuition and trust your instincts.  

Remember, body language applies to us all. The first impression we give to others is not just about what we say, what we are wearing or what we look like. Our gestures and subtle actions express far more than we realize. 
So smile your beautiful smile, pull back your shoulders and hold your head up high for all the world to see. Happy flirting!

Does he fancy me? Translating body language


Body Language said...

Try to give the guy the reason to talk to you. Plan to meet him in a party or picnic and wear something sexy and great so that he can’t resist himself complimenting you.

Relationship Dynamo said...

Thanks so much for the input, appreciate it!

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